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TOPIC: Insubolic (IGF-1) + Qtropin(HGH).

Insubolic (IGF-1) + Qtropin(HGH). 9 months 3 weeks ago #14837

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I honestly don't understand what's your goal? You want good numbers on your bloodwork (high IGF-1?) You want a 20 inch arm?
As far as I know you tried different HGH brands, the HGH serum was high while IGF-1 levels remained low? Am I right? This means your body doesn't respond well to HGH therapy, it's rare but happens.
What's needed to be mentioned, we are all different, we have different metabolism, some of us takes meds which affects HGH/IGF-1 testing, DIFFERENT BODY WEIGHTS, FAT % etc, this all can affect the test results. When you weight 200 lb and inject 10 IU's for the test the results will be different vs a dude weighing 160 LB. etc. Another factor is timing, you can get higher #'s after 2 hr while someone will get his "peak" #'s in 3 hr. etc.
Free/Bioactive IGF-1 is what's left after your body attaches ALS/Binding proteins to the IGF-1. Protein bound IGF-1 is gonna circulate in your bloodstream and that's what I called SYSTEMIC IGF-1 (the IGF-1 in systemic circulation). When you do the test, the lab use a reagent and this reagent will release IGF-1 from the binding proteins it's attached to and you get total IGF-1 which will include the "systemic" IGF-1 and free IGF-1 which was present in your blood at the moment of sample collection.
As I mentioned in my previous posts, athletes benefit from just as low as 200 mcg/day BUT higher dosages are needed to treat, let's say, dwarfism. If you want to experiment with RH IGF-1 and try to see higher IGF-1 #'s on your bloodwork you need to follow the protocol developed for Increlex and it's MILIGRAMS a day, or 20-30...50 mcg per 1 kg. I suggested 500 mcg a day so you can see what happens : in terms of athletic performance and bloodwork. Another challenge will be to catch your PEAK #'s. Once again, in order to use the reference #'s created for Increlex, you need to run it at the same dosages.


mt wrote:
Administrator wrote:

First off, I want to make clear that I posted my results and disappointment on Meso before I posted here. There doesn't seem to be a lot of traffic and input here and I never got any responses when I posted on the Insubolic thread. It's only when I saw some activity on this thread that I posted and that's when you, graciously, contacted me.

Also, It's a silly analog about testosterone and penis growth. I don't think it is unreasonable for someone not as educated as you are to take IGF and expect an increase in IGF levels. A more accurate analogy would be that if I take IGF that I expect a 20 inch arm.

I think you take for granted that we, me, are as knowledgeable about this subject as you are. I'm not sure what "RH" means and what's the difference between Free Bioactive IGF and Systemic IGF? And how do you measure it?

When my IGF levels remained low even after taking a high dose of HGH 15-20ius I thought for sure my stuff was underdosed. Sources were telling me that an IGF test is not a good measure even though that's what doctors use. Doctors never do a Serum test because they don't have to verify the potency of the product. It was only after researching this subject that I found my condition is not unusual. And just to be sure, I begged my doctor to include a Serum test in my regular blood work (he always includes the IGF test) which requires a script in my state. When the Serum test came in at 34 ng/ml using the commonly accepted protocol (10ius 33 hours prior to blood drawn) I was now convinced that the problem was with me and why I decided to use IGF itself.

This is what we are doing now and part of what these boards are for. Getting into the nuts and bolts of this subject. Educating people like I was educated on GH. I'm going to take your recommendation and do 500mcg/day. When I do this, what should I be looking for? Why wouldn't it show up in a blood test or does it? And although I've said that I don't trust "going by feel" as there are so many uncontrolled factors in feelings and wish,and always encourage others, to get regular blood work I don't completely discount feelings. If there are meaningful quantifiable gains then that will always trump blood tests or theory.

Since I only have a ten day supply I order a couple of more vials. If nothing else it will determine whether it is worth the cost. I do have one more question: Why start at 500mcg and then start consistent cycles at 200mcg which is much more affordable? Is there a loading period involved here that many like to do with gear to get things up and going?
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